Navigating the Seasons: Transitioning Your Skin from Summer to Winter

Navigating the Seasons: Transitioning Your Skin from Summer to Winter

As the leaves change their colours and the temperatures drop, our skin undergoes a transition of its own … and it’s not necessarily the most comfortable transition. Moving from the warm days of summer to the chilly days of winter can play havoc on the skin. This often results in a dry, tight and flaky complexion throughout the colder months. 

One of the main reasons our skin tends to become dry and uncomfortable during this time is because of the drop in humidity. In contrast to the summer months when the air is laden with moisture, winter is essentially stripped of it. Winter also brings in harsh winds and a biting frost. These extreme temperature fluctuations add stress to the skin and cause its moisture to evaporate much more quickly than it would in the summertime. Not only do we then experience a dry and tight complexion, but many of us can also suffer from oily skin and blackhead breakouts - this is our skin trying to compensate for the natural oils lost, and so it begins producing even more oil, also known as excess sebum production. 

Unfortunately, indoor heating systems only make this worse. When we move from the dry and cold temperatures outside to the heat indoors, skin becomes even drier. While essential for staying warm, central heating systems reduce the humidity inside the home, creating an environment that saps even more moisture from the skin. Just as it continues to strip the skin of its moisture, excess sebum production continues. After just one day with these changing temperatures, the skin is left dry, parched and in desperate need of extra care. 

Considered cleansing in winter is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your skin. We want to help avoid excess sebum production, dry and flaky skin, redness and irritation, all of which are associated with colder temperatures.

When choosing your cleanser, be sure to avoid harsh, foaming agents that can be too drying - don’t be fooled by the marketing! Instead, opt for a creamy or oil-based cleanser to effectively remove impurities without compromising your skin's moisture barrier. Naturally, we would recommend Ilody’s Rasa Dream Cleansing Oil - not that we’re biased or anything…

Rasa Dream Cleansing Oil has been designed to deeply hydrate while reawakening the skin and senses. Two years in the making, this delicate formula harnesses clean, non-toxic ingredients to nurture and nourish the complexion.

The cleansing oil itself introduces the hero ingredients of Amla and Moringa. Packed with antibacterial properties, Moringa works to reduce inflammation while hydrating the skin and preventing future breakouts, while Amla extract softens and brightens the skin to leave a clear complexion and enhanced natural radiance.