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contact us & faqs

contact us
we would love to hear from you. if you have an enquiry about our products or have a question please contact us at

trade and press enquiries
please contact us at


is ilody an entirely natural brand?
ilody’s approach to skincare is 100% honesty, we aim to use predominantly natural plant derived ingredients. we value the safety of products and therefore use ingredients that can preserve effectively, our current products are preserved with a synthetic preservative recommended by ecocert.

are ilody products organic?
we are not certified organic, we choose organic ingredients where ever possible in our formulations. we decided against organic certification as it limits the ingredients we can formulate with and we conscientiously search out the best ingredients for our products.

does ilody test product on animals?
we are proud to say that we never test our products on animals.

are your products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

where are your products made?
all of our products are manufactured in the uk.

how long can I use your products for?
each products shelf life is indicated on the box and the bottle with an open jar and the number of months it can be used for. each products shelf life may vary please check the packaging.

how long will my products last?
most products if used daily will last about 3 months.

where can I purchase ilody products?
our growing range of products can be purchased here at

if I’m not happy with my product, can I return it?
we would like our customers to be 100% happy with the products you purchase, if you are not satisfied with your purchase please refer to our returns information here.

do you ship to my country?
please refer to our deliveries page here, or contact us at

how can I recycle my products once I’ve used them?
sustainability is a huge part of the ilody ethos, we always try to ensure our product bottles are recyclable along with the packaging. please wash any empty bottles before recycling.