"ilody is modern luxury infused with ayurvedic spirit, I've always drawn upon my Indian roots to both ground and energise me, its about new rituals that can help to give positivity and balance and ilody helps me to do this." Deepika Patel
our formulas are designed by Deepika, formulated by expert cosmetic scientists. we harness the potency of Indian botanicals, our supaveda complex forms the core of the products, working with powerful Indian botanicals to protect, repair, calm and brighten the skin. Turmeric, Licorice, Punarnava and Tulsi.each product is formulated with individually chosen plant extracts and bio-active, evidence based ingredients to deliver skincare that works. products are designed to be multi-tasking and work synergistically with the skin, whilst bringing a sense of luxury to your beauty routine.

our values and ethics

Ayurvedic & Indian Botanicals

potent plant extracts and clinically proven actives that work

Cruelty Free

we never test on animals

Vegetarian and Vegan

our product formulas are vegetarian and vegan