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ayurvedic science, discover potent indian botanical natural skincare, to transform your rituals.

Luxmi Radiance Serum

Calm stressed skin, detoxify and protect with potent plant botanicals kombucha, Uva Ursi, licorice and tremella mushroom
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The potent power of Ayurveda

ILODY exists at the intersection between ancient practices and evidential based skincare. ilody arrives with a clear vision to bring Ayurvedic Botanicals to the forefront of everything we do. A brand focussed on formulas that deliver effective results powered by a blend of wildly ancient plants and superlative actives.

" ILODY was founded to bring Eastern practices to a new audience through results driven skincare"

Our mission is to create efficacious, natural skincare with potent, synergistic formulas harnessing a wealth of heritage with superior results.
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Rasa Dream Oil Cleanser

Lightweight oil cleanser packed with nutrient rich oils and ayurvedic plants to deeply cleanse, protect, calm and balance.


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