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Ingredient Focus; Licorice Root

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Ingredient Focus; Licorice Root

Why we love this adaptogenic herb 

one of the many apatogenic herbs and plants used in ayurveda, we use licorice in our skincare formulas to reinforce and support the skin's resistance against stress aggressors that age the skin. the root helps to address the symptoms by helping to lower our bodies response by interfering with compounds as they are happening and prevent them from signalling overproduction which can have positive implications  for acne, wounds, hydration, inflammation and more.
helps to minimise the production of tryosinase, to combat and reduce discolouration, while liquirtitin helps to disperse excess melanin slowing down and reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots.
licence is a potent antioxidant, decreasing reactive oxygen species 
which causes skin to discolour and age 
offers anti-inflammatory protection, containing the molecule licochalcone A, which inhibits two inflammatory markers.