Heritage Story - Amrit

Heritage Story - Amrit

punjabi-born indian model, sustainability advocate and artist is a rising star in the fashion world, with more Indian models appearing on the catwalks of major fashion houses and featured in the international magazines
after moving to Paris to study art, amrit continued to work on her practice working in a variety of mediums, painting, illustration, writing to name a few all an exploration of her innerself. alongside her artwork, amrit continues to model and also uses her platform to raise awareness of something close to her heart, sustainability. 
in 2021 amrit launched an ecological project named "dharath foundation" focusing on our world and sustainable living. the foundation a non-profit organisation looks to explore our connection with the living world and helps to educate on ways to improve our carbon footprint and simple ways we can help our planet, they also plant and donate trees in rural India. 

we asked amrit about her rituals:


what's your heritage?
I am part indian, part french-british, but was born and raised in india.

What's your inherited beauty hack?
in my family, we use coconut oil for everything, from face to hair to body. it's a great natural moisturiser and always drink lots of water.

what's your modern day ritual?
even in these times I only stick to natural products. not only do they make me feel more in touch with our earth, I am sure they make my skin the happiest.

what's your beauty must have?
always wear sunscreen every day, even if it's raining or snowing.