Kansa Wonder Wand

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"highly commended winner Marie Claire Skin Awards 2021"

the ancient ayurvedic beauty tool to massage, sculpt, lift, detox and calm the skin.

balance your complexion with this age-old hand-carved wood and alloy moulded dome device which gently awakens a natural glow to the skin.

used for over 5,000 years, the heritage tool contains a bell metal alloy. The primary metal 'copper' (used for centuries in ayurveda) helps to balance your skin's pH which minimises breakouts and reduces inflammation. The wonder wand also promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces toxins, de-puffs and sculpts the face. 

how to use
on cleansed skin dispense a few pumps of oil into your hands and apply to your face and neck
massage as below:
1. massage in circles underneath the cheekbone
2. move under the cheekbone from the corner of the most to the ear with pressure
3. move along the jawline from the chin to the ear with pressure.
4. follow the cheekbone from the nose to the top of the ear.
5. repeat on the other side of the face
6. massage in circles at the centre of the forehead
7.  massage in lines across the forehead
8. using the smaller end of the wand gently circle around the eye from the top of the cheekbone to the eyebrow.

cleanse skin if needed after use.

*the dome should glide effortlessly over the skin.
*due to the alkaline quality of the metal dome, some greying may appear on the skin, this is easily washable with your cleanser.

teak wood with pure Kansa dome (copper + tin)

*avoid use if you have a metal allergy

gently wipe the dome with a damp cloth and dry after each use, store in your ilody cotton bag.

the ilody Kansa Wand is made from teak wood, the dome is made from copper and tin (kansa metal), some variations may occur as each tool is hand carved.

ayurvedic inspired beauty rituals

clinically proven ayurvedic actives

nourishing your energy

90%-100% naturally derived ingredients

the benefits of kansa metal

made with 70% copper the kansa metal is anti-inflammatory and calming.

helps to sculpt the skin and encourage lymphatic drainage.

detoxifies and flushes toxins from the skin.

ph balancer, balances your ph for improved skin health

improves you skin texture, for smoother skin.

depuffs skin and the under eye area.