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ilody world



ilody world
Holistic heritage
Rooting in Ayurveda, formed in modernity
Well-being has become an essential part of our modern lives and taking a “wholistic” approach to our health is something we’re all trying to achieve. For thousands of years Ayurveda has followed the belief of looking at the whole to address the symptom. I believe we will continue to explore diverse ways to attain a healthier perspective, ilody is at the centre of this, ilody helps to harness the elements we’ll need to find balance, strength and energise us.
ilody’s garden
At the heart of what we do, ilody works with potent plant ingredients, these are integral to each of our products, to their performance and the ritual. We harness plant actives for their powerful properties from extracts to oils, working with ingredients to create a holi-natural approach to formulating.
Founders note
“ilody means garden of the gods from Sanskrit perfect for a brand that was inspired by nature and Indian culture”
Early on Deepika was influenced by eastern principles from cooking with spices to having a holistic approach to her wellbeing, very much driven by her mother’s approach to health. A lifelong follower of holistic wellbeing combined with 20 years of experience of working as a creative producer in luxury fashion working with houses Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane and many more.
In 2019 Deepika launched the first of ilody’s products and the beginning of a holistic well-being brand, with stockists including Liberty in the same year.