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founders note

portrait of deepika patel

“ilody means garden of the gods from sanskrit – perfect for a brand that was inspired by nature and indian culture” – founder, deepika patel

early on i was influenced by both eastern and western principles, from childhood cooking from scratch with traditional indian ingredients known for their health properties combined with influences from my mother who was gp.

having long been a follower of a natural approach to health, I found that how I cared for my skin didn’t fit. i realised I wanted a holistic approach to skincare with the luxurious experience that comes with stylish packaging, exquisite textures and fragrances, while at the same time being conscious of the need to formulate and package sustainably.

while working as a creative producer in the fashion industry, i decided to research more of the ingredients that were familiar to me from my ancestry. the research i came across led me to believe that these heritage ingredients had a place in our modern skincare routines. our ingredients while steeped in history our now formulated for a new generation of modern skincare.

each of our botanical ingredients is thoroughly researched before going into one of our formulas, developed and produced in the uk. we look to maintain sustainable standards in our packaging along with beautiful colours & motifs (inspired by my sari collection)!

with ilody we highlighted the best plant based ingredients used in eastern practices, holistic with conscious touches of luxury, a modern beauty brand with centuries old experience.

deepika patel