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consciously clean

As part of our ethos our provenance has been at the heart of the development and decision making throughout the process and continues to drive the brand forward in ensuring we make considered conscious choices in how our brand grows.

each of our products is designed by our founder and developed with a recognised cosmetic laboratory. our products are developed from scratch, each product goes through a rigorous process of researching ingredients and development and are formulated with a balanced, safe and efficacious approach. Final formulations are then tested for stability (so that products are safe to use) and manufactured in the uk.

we never test our products on animals
our products are designed to be suitable for vegans.

our packaging is at the forefront of our development, we choose materials that can be recycled. Our bottles can be recycled following these steps;

1) when you have finished using your product, wash out the bottle
2) carefully remove the dip-tube from the cap, gently easing it out
3) both bottle and dip-tube can be recycled where glass is excepted
4) if you don’t enjoy using the product or it doesn’t suit you, please recycle by giving it a new home
our bottles are made of 100% glass, the pipette consists of an aluminium collar + PP inner collar + nitric rubber bulb + glass dip-tube. our boxes are made from paper and cardboard, the boxes are made from FSC approved 100% virgin ecf fibre.
our logo and labelling are foil printed – foil is a dry, solvent-free printing method.
foil printing, once transferred is so incredibly thin, less than  2.5 microns thick (0.0025mm), that it complete dissipates within the re-pulping process. therefore, as long as the material you print on is recyclable you can throw it straight into your recycling bin!

ingredient promise
all ilody products are formulated without unnecessary ingredients, we’ve listed the ingredient below that we do not include in our formulas.

aha (butylated hydroxyanisole) / but (butylated hydroxytoluene)
used as a preservative and anit-oxidant to increase the shelf life of products, bha and bht has shown in some studies to be toxic and cause allergic reactions and hormore disruption.

ethanolamines (dea, ndea, tea, mea, dea-cetyl phosphate, tea-luaryl sulfate)
used widely in skincare as foaming agents emulsifiers and stabalisers, gives a good consistency to lotions and creams, these have shown to form potent cacinogens.

ethoxylated / alkoxylated ingredients
surfactant and emulsifier ingredients also includes PEG’s they have been show to have high levels of carcinogens.

used for skin lightening, it causes skin irritation and may cause discolouration, we prefer to use natural plant extracts to brighten skin complexion.

palm oil and palm derived ingredients
ilody seeks to avoid using palm oil in our products.

benzylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutyparaben, heptylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben are all forms of parabens a synthetic preservative used wildly in skincare. there has been much debate about their use in skincare and their ability to slightly mimic oestrogen, for this reason we choose not to use parabens in our formulas.
we use ingredients that offer the safest preservative for each formula our preservatives are recognised by ecocert.

petrolatum, mineral oil
mineral oil, also known as liquid paraffin is derived from petroleum and are often used for their smoothing texture. the effect they have on the barrier can lead to clogged pores and an increase in water loss.

phthalates are a group of chemicals used in many forms of cosmetic products and can be used within synthetic fragrance (which is not required to list individual components), research has suggested that phthalates have hormone disrupting capabilities and may effect fertility.

propylene glycol and other glycols
synthetic gylcols are thought to cause skin irritation and sensitivity and can trigger eczema.

used in cosmetics to create a silky texture when applied to the skin, but by doing this you create a film on top of the skin, not allowing skin to breathe and enabling pores to get blocked and clogged.

sulphates or surfactants are foaming agents are used for cleansing or act as a detergent on the skin. sulphates can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause inflammation and sensitivity leading to tewl (water loss) in the skin and can be very detrimental to the health of your complexion.

synthetic fragrance
ilody used essential oils to create our fragrances.

ilody uses alternatives to talc such as cornstarch and tapioca.